Thursday, October 10, 2013


This season, young designer shone trough. Although some of the 'older' ones made a pretty good collection, the younger generations just couldn't stop to push themselves creatively. Here are my five best collections that showed on NYFW for SPRING 2014:
  1. DKNY: After 25 years, this label hasn't changed. Moreover, Donna Karan never stop to inject high dose of youthful jolt in every collection. But this season, she revisited the label's greatest hits—those baggy jeans, bold 'DKNY' prints splattered here and there, pastel colors against the neon ones. And don't forget the infamous 'Naked Dress' silhouette worn by Karlie Kloss, paired with a high top sneakers. To top all of that crazy vibe, Rita Ora closed the show. 
  2. MARC JACOBS: Dear Marc, could you be more unpredictable? This is why everyone is waiting for Marc's show every season: You'll never guess what he will pulled out of his sleeve. And this season, it was one of those 'what-the-hell' moment. The set itself was very distinct. It looked like a bombed-out beach, with cigarette butts, Big Gulp cups, a tumbled-over Frozen Treats case, and destroyed fashion magazines strewn in the black sand. "It's more of a weird frat party, Burning Man, shores-of-Gotham City sort of beach scene. It's a lovely nightmare, or it was for me anyway," He said. The clothes itself were not your typical summer wear: Victorian-inspired jacket paired with bermuda shorts and birkenstocks-inspired sandals. I think it was a strong collection—despite of the fact that it'll not be everyone's liking. It was such a bold statement.
  3. PRABAL GURUNG: This season, Prabal took Marilyn Monroe as an inspiration."It's a celebration of the elegant woman; she's becoming an endangered species," he said before his show. He added, "I wanted to put her in a modern context." The collection consists of a mix of solid color and printed clothes, with the dresses designed in a calf-length hem. I think this collection is Gurung's statement: he's settled down in this industry. Now he can push himself creatively. And this is like a bomb of creativity explodedin a good way. 
  4. ALEXANDER WANG: After 2 collections in Balenciaga, I think our Wonder Boy has learned about one thing: Balancing art&commerce. And this collection proved just that. The 'Alexander Wang' logo made an appearance as prints on some of the garments. The collection itself—which really glorified the ninetiesdidn't loose the wang-dna. Counterbalancing the in-your-face aspect of the logos and the Explicit Content tees (another nineties callback) was soft men's cotton shirting. But button-downs unbuttoned up-to-there over boxers were no less cheeky. It still represents the same this edgy-and-cool chick.
  5. ALTUZARRA: It was announced before the show that Kering—the company which own parts of Stella McCartney and McQueenhad taken a minority interest in his company. And this collection proved why they were interested. The first look sold me. Joan Smalls in button down—to the waist!—with a super sexy skirt with a high slit and fringes on the side could be a recipe of disaster, yet somehow it worked! Altuzarra genuinely gets off on making clothes for real life. For him, it's about the everyday, only elevated.


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