Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Moving on it's hard, let alone having a completely new lifenew people, new place, without anyone you know be around. Although scientists had proved that we, humans are very adaptive—physically and mentally—it's still not an easy thing to do. I mean, think about it: you're letting go your so-called 'comfort zone', you are thrown into uncertainty. That's pretty much what I've been trough for the past week.

As you know, I've been accepted to one of the most prestigious college in Indonesia (for those of you might wanna know, it's Universitas Padjadjaran). And frankly, almost no one in my high school went there. That being said, I'm expect to be a lot easier—I love meeting new people. I told myself 'it's gonna be exciting! You finally got your freedom!'. But, I somehow don't feel that way.

When meeting new people, it's a bit like gambling on a Las Vegas casino. You go in, you join a table, hoping to get a lot of money. The same as getting a new friend, you introduce yourself, making conversation, sneaks some of your traits, hoping that he/she could be that great-friend-that-you-have-been-searching-for. But this question always gets in the way: DOES BEING MYSELF GOOD ENOUGH?

Am I annoying? Am I interesting enough? Is this a very good thing to say? WILL SHE/HE LIKE ME? These are just some of  the questions I personally ask myself. But what I learn is this: Be yourself, because the worst thing in the world is being somebody else.

I believe that we are all arranged to meet that great friend. Rejections are common. Convince yourself that it's better to let them know who we are, than lying to ourselves for them.  BEING YOURSELF IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.
So hope you enjoy meeting new people!

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