Friday, January 10, 2014


As award season emerges, I’ve prepared myself—rather excitingly, actually—to see all the movie stars who get nominated being celebrated by the media and grace the cover of all magazines. But boy, that W Magazine started of with a bang! I usually wait for the annual Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, which always looks so glamorous and over the top—google it darlings, but W could make Vanity Fair run for their money.

First of all, LOOK AT THOSE COVERS! I mean, Jlaw, Amy, McConaughey, Cate, Lupita—my fav new girl, and OPRAH? MAJOR! Not just that. Inside the magazines, they also listed all these actors that really show their skin in last year’s movies—take Jonah Hill, Chiwetel Ejioford, and Scarlett Johansson as examples—in an article called ‘Best Performances’. And what makes me more obsessed is that both the covers and the article shot by Juergen Teller—my favorite! He's shot all my favorite Marc Jacobs campaign.

All I can say is: We’ll see how Vanity Fair can top this. Nuff said. 

Photo Credit: W Magazine, Edited by Yesaya Ferdinand

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