Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hello. This is my new blog. Sorry for being such a bad, bad blogger. 
That's actually what I'm trying to say. I actually don't know how to say it properly—ahh if only you knew how many times I erased back and forth just to make it sound beautiful and "writer-y". So yeah, basically I'm moving my blog. My motto in life is "when you feel that something doesn't quite right, change it." It was actually a pretty tough decision for me to move to a completely new blog, but I keep telling myself that this should be done.

I first started writing in my old blog, 'It's Bananas'—which previously named 'The Runway'—back then when I was in senior year at my middle school. All of my friends in my circle had a blog, so I thought it would be cool if I make one too. So I started blogging about my personal life, randomly writing about my feelings when I went trough final exams. It was fun, at first. But as I grow older, I realize how cheesy it is to write just about my life. That was the time I had my first break on blogging.

As I went on with my life, and enter the world of high school, I was introduced to pop culture, different kinds of music and art, and of course, FASHION. I was very enthusiast to know more about this industry. I searched and absorbed everything about fashion: the designers, history, and so on. And it came to me, why don't I blog about fashion? I could talk about what I like or dislike about the current trends, writing a simple review of the latest designer shows. And what made me more determined to write was when I met my great friend, Alex. We had a same passion about fashion and similar aesthetics.

So I started to write again. More reviews and anything fashion. But then something clicked to me one night as I went trough my blogposts. THIS IS NOT ME. I was pressuring myself to write, because I'm intimidated by Alex, whose writing was—and still is—incredible! And what I realized that I kinda loose myself in my writings. BUT I'M NOT BLAMING ANYONE, I'M BLAMING MYSELF. And now I decided to make a new blog.

That's why I'm starting over in a very clean slate. I'm gonna write what I want, and tell you exactly my point. So, about the tittle, ELEVEN//ELEVEN is actually my birthday. And this blog is gonna be my new baby. So I hope you'll enjoy my new writings on the future. CHEERS!

P.S: I'll be watching The Great Gatsby tomorrow. And maybe I'll dish about it later!

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